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Rajasthan’s Karma Healthcare bags funding to bring telemedicine to villages
: Apr 6, 2015

Indian rural healthcare startup Karma Healthcare has raised an undisclosed amount in pre-series A round from impact fund Ankur Capital.

The company runs clinics in the rural areas of desert state Rajasthan. It gives villagers access to specialized doctors through telemedicine as well as direct face-to-face consultations. It uses tablet computers, printers, power-backup systems, and medical devices which can transmit real-time data from patients to doctors located elsewhere.

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This man uses tech to bring doctors to India’s remotest villages
: October 14, 2014

Three quarters of its people live in rural settlements. Only the more affluent farmers and artisans in larger villages have huts with more than one room. Infant and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the country. According a recent survey, 49 babies die in every 1,000 births. Many of the villagers never go to a doctor or hospital because they do not have any money to spare. Even when they can afford it, there are hardly any doctors in the remote villages. They end up going to quacks, who are quick to dispense painkillers, placebos, and even harmful medicines without any training in medicine.

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